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maybe flowers wilt

   maybe flowers wilt to warn us what happens when we're separated from our life source. flowers dry up and shrivel away. a reminder. peaceful and semi-beautiful—bittersweet.
but humans?
       humans get hard.
and it wrung my heart dry last night, seeing how humans reject logical argument after logical argument and the beauty of truth because they ran away from life. and their hearts become hard, rough places.
what am i supposed to do except beg?
       please don't let her go.
   make her beautiful.
it's what she's here for. my heart screams and aches and needs for you to please, please
       hold out your hand to her.
              (and have her take it.)


Celebrating Winter | is this the farewell?

The hard white has become a mushy brown, the oppressive grey back to blue. The world holds its breath as we watch the sky, begging the dreary clouds to wait until next year. It's cold, but it's bright and beautiful. That we can handle. But, we all wonder, could this really be it?
Is this the farewell?
One can only dream.
"Soon the sun's warmth makes them shed crystal shells
Shattering and avalanching on the snow-crust
Such heaps of broken glass to sweep away
You'd think the inner dome of heaven had fallen."

p.s. poem excerpt from robert frost's "birches."


Celebrating Winter | Missing Sun [haiku]

Missing Sun
Falling, drifting snow,
The white turning the sky dark.
Where has the sun gone?

From my book.
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