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Isn't this brilliant? I think it is. via
New design. Do you guys like it? I want to change the header, but I can't decide what I want. There are too many ideas inside my head.
So. This whole designing thing. I added the sliding menu that I fell in love with when I read the tutorial, but I didn't add it until now for reasons.
I feel like I need to change the order of the links. Does it look funky to you in that pyramid-like style? (Which, by the way, was accidental at first.) Please, please, please give me your honest opinion.
And the picture. On the left side. It's down some. Do you like that? Or should I keep it at the top?
Aughhhhhh. So many details. I can't decide if I like it, although it's better than what I had before (in my opinion anyway).
Also, I created a whole bunch of different pages (feel free to explore). But the two I want to point out are my Prayer Requests page and my Works-in-Progress page. The first because I think it would be a super-duper amazing idea, and the second to ease curiosity.
So...yeah. I'm almost done with my math. I won Camp NaNoWriMo (my goal was only 25K, though). School is almost done. I. Can't. Wait.

Bekah Joan
p.s. be prepared for more changes.


an update of sorts

an unedited picture of mugs. yay!
Blog posts haven't been happening as much as I'd like.
Same with reading them. Sorry about that.
I have two more weeks of school left. Possibly one if things get done.
12,818 words in draft four of The Three Worlds, which I officially started on...I don't remember. Like a week ago?
A Doctor Who marathon with this girl last night.
Now I'm so tired, because we stayed up until 2 and got up at 6 to watch more Doctor Who.
So. Freaking. Tired.
SATs on Saturday (the 3rd). Guess who's super stressed about that?
Fangirling. About so many things.
Watched North & South. Wow.
I'm going to go write.
And then sleep.
Because falling asleep in church? Not nice.
Bekah Joan


He died.

He died so my sins would be covered, and I would be free. He died so I could breathe without the darkness weighing down on my mind, smothering my heart. He died to present me with a hope that would grow through my soul like a vine, reaching throughout all of my being, cradling my fragile body when it is weak. He died so I could gaze at the sky at whatever time of day and absorb His majesty without withering under worry. He died because He loves. He died because He wants me to mirror His love. He died so we could travel the pages of His world, still touched by death, but with a hope of revival. He died so we could die, so that we all can live. He died to rise again, to rebuild, to let us waltz with His new Life. He died because He is gracious, and He always will be. He died for me, for us. So come and bask in His glory, dance with me, sing with me, rejoice. For even though He was dead, He rose, and He is very much alive.

Bekah Joan


7 Photography Tips

(just a few tips.)
1. On Portraits
The best time to take portraits is around sunrise and sunset because there won't be as many funky shadows on the model's face. If neither of those times work, then taking pictures in the shade works, too. Typically, you don't want to take pictures looking up at the model. It's more flattering to look down.
2. The Rule of Thirds
This is probably one of my favorite techniques. Imagine that your picture is divided into nine even sections. So, two lines horizontally, and two lines vertically, spaced out evenly. Then instead of always putting your subject in the center section, put it in one of the other ones.. So, something like this:
see how it's not in the center? it's to the side. that's what i mean.
3. Angles
There are so many different ways to photograph one subject. Don't forget that. You can shoot from above, like the Rule of Thirds example, or from below, or perfectly level, or any place in between.
a favorite "from below" example of mine, mainly because the bottom one is trying for a piece of bread.
4. Clutter
Unless going for a specific kind of picture, try to keep clutter out of the background. Cars, tarps, telephone wires, sometimes people, etc. Clutter (no offense to people).
5. On the Technical Side
A few guidelines.
ISO-the darker it is, the higher this should be. But the higher it is, the more grainy/noisy the picture will be.
White balance-I think this is fairly explanatory. If it's sunny outside, use the sunny option. Cloudy, cloudy option. In the shade? Guess which option you use? Good job.
Shutter speed-the lower your shutter speed, the longer it's open, so the more light the opening will let in. So the lower the shutter speed, the lighter the picture will be. The higher the shutter speed, the darker the picture will be.
Aperture-the higher your aperture is, the smaller the opening is. The lower your aperture is, the bigger the opening is. So, high aperture equals a darker picture, while a low aperture equals a lighter picture. This also does something to the depth of field...but I don't really understand that yet. (One of these days, I'll understand it ALL. Right? >.<)
Flash-ew.ew.ew.ew.ew. Sometimes flash is inevitable. So use a piece of paper (although I prefer gels. But paper is more accessible) to cover the flash. This will help some. Although I still reallyreallyreally don't like flash. Different colored paper will give you different results. I think.
an example of what your picture will look like if your ISO is too high. ew.
6. Don't Compare too Much
You see someone else's photography. You go HOLY CRUD I WISH I WAS THAT GOOD. And then you know what you do? You copy them (sometimes). And that's not nice. You know what else you do? You start feeling terrible about your photography when, in all reality, you're probably freaking awesome at it. You're also probably forgetting that you're you, and they're them. AND that with diligent practice, you'll probably get better.
I'm not saying I've never done this. I envy Hannah and Carlotta's ability to take beautiful pictures of everyday moments. Jasmine's photos glow. Jocee's always seem meaningful (I don't know why. They just do).
7. Do Improve
See what the photographers you admire do to make their pictures so awesome. Some will give away tips if you ask them. Some give them away without being asked.
Appreciate the beauty that they've captured.
See that their style is unique, and yours is too. And your style is yours.
Bekah Joan


an excerpt [7]

esme and felix, except she should have blonde hair and he should
have slightly lighter hair with harder features. {via}
From my dystopian I-have-so-many-names-for-it story.
. . . .
   There’s another knock on the door.
   Felix stares at me with his blue eyes, presenting me with the challenge.
   Rebel or stay safe.
   “Hide,” I whisper.
. . . .
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Bekah Joan
p.s. i really wanted her to have brown hair, like mine. but she refused. so blonde hair it is.


h a r m o n y

i. hearing the beautiful voices of those i love.
ii. i was walking in a beautiful field of mud and dead grass. and finally, after not knowing why i thought it was beautiful for ages, i understood. the colors. they are harmonious. they lean into each other, blending, singing.
iii. i used to think my pastor was crazy for drinking coffee and eating a doughnut at the same time. he said the contrast of the bitter and the sweet was wonderful, but i disagreed. and then recently i had some coffee with a chocolate chip cookie and realized that the two tastes fit together perfectly.
iv. last month i saw the moon in the morning sky and gawked. then i took some pictures.
v. good music.
vi. being with friends and talking and laughing and realizing that they're your people and your theirs and knowing it's okay because God wants all of you together, at least for now.
vii. when words fit together just so, like pieces in a superhard puzzle, and it's right.
viii. i just can't get over the colors. they fit so well together.

bekah joan
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