h a r m o n y

i. hearing the beautiful voices of those i love.
ii. i was walking in a beautiful field of mud and dead grass. and finally, after not knowing why i thought it was beautiful for ages, i understood. the colors. they are harmonious. they lean into each other, blending, singing.
iii. i used to think my pastor was crazy for drinking coffee and eating a doughnut at the same time. he said the contrast of the bitter and the sweet was wonderful, but i disagreed. and then recently i had some coffee with a chocolate chip cookie and realized that the two tastes fit together perfectly.
iv. last month i saw the moon in the morning sky and gawked. then i took some pictures.
v. good music.
vi. being with friends and talking and laughing and realizing that they're your people and your theirs and knowing it's okay because God wants all of you together, at least for now.
vii. when words fit together just so, like pieces in a superhard puzzle, and it's right.
viii. i just can't get over the colors. they fit so well together.

bekah joan


  1. Beautiful post, Bekah. I love the pictures and the little reflection at the end. And that last picture... I think all of them are absolutely gorgeous, but I have to say that the colours are just breathtaking in that final one.

  2. Such an inspiring post! I love the colors especially in the last two!

  3. Liked it! Really soothing since I'm going to the prom in like four hours. ;)

    1. Thanks! And I want to hear ALL about it!

  4. I love this. <3 It makes me happy when people put their photography and lovely words together. Like the photographer and writer collaborated to make something. ;)


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