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an excerpt [14]

From The Four Seasons of Dawnyelle.
. . . .
  I squeezed his hands. “I love you, Justin. So, so much.” I opened my eyes to see wet cheeks and warm, brown eyes staring back at me—with a loving gaze so intense that my heart melted.
  “You have no idea how much you mean to me,” he whispered.
  “I think I do.”
  He smiled, and I wiped away his tears.
  Then we stood and walked back to the apartment, hand in hand, and I couldn’t help but think what a lovely thing it would be if,
  for the rest of our lives,
  we could walk together,
  hand in hand.

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[thank you for your] grace

Make your arms
My arms
So I can carry
Those who need
Your gentle hands
To your House of Healing.

Make your heart
My heart
So I can give
Little pieces
Of it to everyone
I meet.

Make your light
My light
So I can shine
On the path you've
Given us to explore
With you as our goal.

And maybe give me
Some of your peace
So I don't
Fall to pieces,
But can instead
Rest in your embrace.

p.s. it's been so friggin long since i've posted that i forgot how i signed these things. sorry 'bout that.
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