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March 2016 Desktop Calendar

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“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” 

. . . And maybe that's what March is for. Hopefully we've gotten through the worst of winter, the worst of the snow and the ice and the cold that reaches to our bones. It's time to thaw out.


Update // The Runaway House

Part Five of The Runaway House is up! (And if you haven't checked back since my last post, there's a Prologue waiting for you, along with four other chapters.)

Excerpt from Part Five: "This is Your Home Now"

   “Stick close to me for the next few days,” Travis says. “I can show you everything—and who to stay away from. Some of the kids aren’t exactly trustworthy.”
   “Why should I trust you?” I hate the involuntary wince he gives, especially since he’s been nothing but kind to me.
   “Who else do you have?” But he doesn’t spit it out harshly. His words are coated with patience, his smile sad. “I want to help you, Lee. I don’t know your story, and maybe you don’t have to trust me now. But give me a few days and let me show you the ropes of this life. Feel free to keep your emotional distance. But someone’s gotta help you.”


To the Artist not Attending College

so this is more of a letter to a dear friend of mine than it is anything else. we're both artists. we're both taking the road that quite a few of our friends aren't: the one that doesn't involve college. but this is also a letter to you. you aren't alone in this. you aren't the only artist not attending college. so here's what i've learned, and what i want to let my bestest friend ever—and you—know.

Dear Katie (or you),

Let me tell you right now that this is the way I view you: with great respect. To brave this world, our culture, with your talents as your only credibility is a scary thing.

Yet here you are, your feet planted firmly in God's promises. Your heart is set on taking the beauty you make and turning it right around toward him. Without a degree.


introducing: The Runaway House

I'm honestly not sure if I have any of my original followers from 2013 still with us, but if there are—remember The Runaway House? It was a little story I published on Figment before I switched over to the wondrous Wattpad. Take a girl desperate to stay alive, and then place her in the loving arms of tight-knit family. That's basically what this story is.

When Lee witnesses a murder, her only chance at survival is running. Somewhere along the way she meets a man who takes her to The Runaway House, a safe place for fugitives and runaways. There she begins to find peace, courage, love, and a real family.

I've rewritten it and added some spice, and I'm in the process of finishing it. I have the first chapter posted, and I'm planning on posting the second chapter either tonight or tomorrow morning [EDIT: I added a prologue. Check that out right here]. Go ahead and read it and tell me what you think! I'm dying for some opinions (positive or negative).

Here's a little excerpt to help you along:


n i n e t e e n

February fourth, 2016

Hey hey hey tomorrow is my birthday.

I've got a lot of mixed emotions in this heart of mine, from being ecstatic to being apathetic and lurking-in-the-corner-esque. Typical me, right? Happy and sad all at once.

Because sometimes we humans just don't feel worthy of existence, you know? And today is one of those times for me. Maybe I'm just not worthy of being nineteen. Maybe I need to be eighteen for a little bit longer. Maybe I want to be eighteen for a bit longer.

I'm not feeling this whole "move forward, always make progress, keep running toward your goals" thing right now. Everything is kind of blah and grey and maybe that's because it's dark outside and the night always gives me the blues. I guarantee tomorrow I'll be happy and ready to flap my little wings and soar.
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