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March 2016 Desktop Calendar

Right click and press "Save Image As" to download.

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” 

. . . And maybe that's what March is for. Hopefully we've gotten through the worst of winter, the worst of the snow and the ice and the cold that reaches to our bones. It's time to thaw out.

For me, March is:

-A time for rediscovering my creativity and the peace it brings my heart.
-The season where I cherish in the warm weather that pops in every once in a while (hopefully to stay).
-For lots of updates on The Runaway House. (On that note, check out my redone My Books page to learn a bit about The Runaway House if you haven't yet—along with some Pinterest inspiration for the book!)
-For a few new poems and a possible art project that I'm thinking of tackling.
-For you to enjoy my new March 2016 Calendar! Feel free to download it, use it as a desktop background, print it off, whatever! It was made with love, just for you.

What does March hold for you?


p.s. even though you can use this calendar, it is mine, so please don't claim it as your own. Thank you. :)


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