introducing: The Runaway House

I'm honestly not sure if I have any of my original followers from 2013 still with us, but if there are—remember The Runaway House? It was a little story I published on Figment before I switched over to the wondrous Wattpad. Take a girl desperate to stay alive, and then place her in the loving arms of tight-knit family. That's basically what this story is.

When Lee witnesses a murder, her only chance at survival is running. Somewhere along the way she meets a man who takes her to The Runaway House, a safe place for fugitives and runaways. There she begins to find peace, courage, love, and a real family.

I've rewritten it and added some spice, and I'm in the process of finishing it. I have the first chapter posted, and I'm planning on posting the second chapter either tonight or tomorrow morning [EDIT: I added a prologue. Check that out right here]. Go ahead and read it and tell me what you think! I'm dying for some opinions (positive or negative).

Here's a little excerpt to help you along:

   "How much time do you have before your pursuer finds you?”
   “I told you I’m training for cross country.”
   “How much time?
   I look at my feet. My shoes are still soaked from tripping into that gigantic puddle. So is my dress. “I don’t know.”
   He nods. “Give me fifteen minutes to get gas in my truck. If you’re running, avoid the gas stations. There are cameras. Stay in here. There’s plenty of junk to hide behind. I’ll be back.”
   “I didn’t say yes!” I call after him. He doesn’t respond.
   So I settle down behind the old chair I’d been in, realizing I hadn’t said no either.

Your interest piqued? Go ahead and read the first chapter (and the prologue)! I promise you, this story will be worth it. ♥

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  1. Oooo!! So exciting; I've read the first chapter and I can't wait for the next! Keep up the amazing work!


    1. Yay! Thanks so much, Ashy! I'm excited, too! I'll be publishing the second chapter soon!

  2. ioHLKNFKJSNCKNKFMSDLMCSDM I CAN'T RIGHT NOW. okay. breeeathe, abbie, breathe. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. And there's a Pinterest board for it!! and it's on Wattpad!! AND IS IT CHRISTMAS? I THINK IT'S CHRISTMAS. omg I cannot wait to read this. ♥


    1. ASDFGHJKL THANK YOU ABBIEE. I'm suuuuper excited about this story, AAAAND that you created a Wattpad account! YAAAS, girl! It feels like Christmas. :D I'm so glad that's how you feel! <3


    dude, i'm gonna head over to drink in all your beautiful words. this is gonna be a fun afternoon <3

    1. OKAY GOOD.

      I think that's a fantastic idea (even if I'm slightly biased). <3


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