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warmth and green grass and blue skies and spring

"Sweet daisy chain around your neck,
Through your hair, in the sun
Sweet glowing skin, kiss the grass,
Golden air fill your lungs."
Bekah Joan


The Hunger Games: A Discussion


Bluebelle is hosting a discussion on The Hunger Games right here. It's quite thought-provoking, and it came at the right time for me.
Please jump in! I think the more opinions we have on there, the better it would be! It's fun, and as I said, thought-provoking. 
Again, it's right here.
Join in! Read what's already posted and join in, or give your opinion on a not-yet-discussed subject!

Bekah Joan


One in Two Hundred (anyone else freaking out?)

random pictures are cool. admit it.
This contest. It's killing me.
I submitted my entry on Thursday night. And now we have to wait a couple weeks until the finalists are announced.
Two hundred people entered. I know some of the GTW writers are amazing, so I'm a little nervous. I didn't make it in the last contest, so I'm expecting the same for this one. But a girl can wish, can't she?
About twenty entries are going on to the second round, and then about five to the next. And then one.
One chance in two hundred.
I entered a new idea (picture-explanation). It's dystopian, which I've never tried before. But it's so much fun. Then again, when is a new story idea not?
Back to the point: I'M REALLY NERVOUS OVER HERE. And I shouldn't be. Because it's not like my life is depending on it. But you get feedback from a literary agent! That's freaking amazing!
So I guess I should just stop being nervous and leave it to the judges. If God wants me to win, I'll win. If He doesn't, I will be crushed, but I'll move on.
Does anyone have any suggestions for distractions? (Other than writing. I'm doing that already.)

Bekah Joan


Night's Beauty

My most recent (and most successful) attempt at the night sky. It was strange. I used a telephoto lens for the first time on the night sky (I got it for Christmas). The tripod was a bit wiggly, and I had no idea what I was doing. I also had to use manual focus, which I try to stay away from because I can't ever tell if it's truly focusing or not. Therefore, those two pictures of the moon were the only two that focused correctly (out of thirty tries).
Practice makes perfect, right? ;)
I got two nice ones of the stars. The first one isn't above because it wasn't showing up well on here. It looks nice on my computer, though. And then there's the one above. It's an unintentional attempt at a short star trail picture.
Overall, I'm quite pleased. It was fun to take pictures of the sky. It's been so cloudy at night that this is the first time I've been able to since winter came.

Bekah Joan


an excerpt [6]


  Maybe I didn’t want to die. We’ve all heard the stories of people planning to kill themselves but then backing out at the last minute.
  Maybe that’s me.
  Not good enough to live, not good enough to die.
. . . .
(Oh, yes. Four sentences. We'll say it's in honor of Tobias.)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Bekah Joan



in which:
-i (most likely) will start driving.
-the snow just might melt.
-i will write at least 25,420 words for doom. most likely.
-i'll get caught up/stay caught up with my schoolwork.
-life will keep moving forward.
-this playlist will be listened to. exhaustively.
-i might be able to take self portraits outside without freezing.
-i will see divergent. (finally. gah.)
-i will start reading the huge stack of books i found while searching for peter pan (more on that another time).
-i'll write some poetry.
-maybe i'll go somewhere new.
-or try some new food (a very hard thing for me).
-i'll probably still wear my coat everywhere.
-i'll go on a walk every day, no matter how bitterly cold it is. this is march after all.

Bekah Joan
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