an excerpt [2]


[From the NaNo novel. Enjoy.]
. . . .
   When the doorbell rang, Dawnyelle was already asleep. Her parents weren’t—she could hear them talking.
   Before her mom knocked on her door, Dawn drifted off to sleep again. She refused to get up until her mom turned on the light. Dawn screamed into her pillow.
   “Sweetheart, it’s Austin. He said he really needs to talk to you.”
   “Boys are stupid,” she grumbled, but she still got out of bed. “Where’s my sweatshirt?”
   “On the floor.”
   “How did it get there?”
   “I don’t know, Dawn. Just put it on.”
   Sighing, she did so. I hope he’s okay. Not to be selfish or anything, but I’d rather not be up all night trying to help the idiot through his girl problems. And not that he’s an idiot all the time, but WHO comes ding-donging around houses at…what time is it…MIDNIGHT? Geez. Idiots do, that’s who. Ha! I rhymed! Ugh. Shut up, Dawnyelle…
   She’d managed to half-wake herself up by the time she made it to the stairs. She stumbled down to the first floor, trying to slap the sleep out of her mind and put a half-pleasant look on her face.
   When she got downstairs, she glanced at Austin by the front door. “Kitchen,” she growled, trudging in what she hoped was the right direction.
   Turning on the light, she shut her eyes and groaned. Why?
   Even though it hurt, she opened her eyes and put some water on for tea. “Do you want anything to drink?” She attempted to make her voice even and kind.
   “No. I’m fine.”
   “Well, I’m having tea.”
   “That stuff is gross.”
   “Tea helps to calm me down.”
   “Why do you need to have some? Bad dream?”
   “No, I just have a feeling you’re going to tell me something absolutely dreadful, and then I’ll definitely need it.”


Bekah Joan


  1. So far, I love it! :D

    Funny, I think I'll go get myself some raspberry tea now, instead of lemonade. Oh dear... xD

    1. Haha! I did that the other day when I read about tea! :p

  2. Love it!!!!! Great job :D

  3. Dun, dun, duuuuuuun. I want more. That was really good. Did you get back on track? I'd love to read more, if you post more excerpts. Keep up the awesomeness! ;)

    1. Thanks! I'm not completely back on track, but I'm getting there. I added my word count from the other story I've been writing this month, which helped a lot. (I WILL win!) And as for the excerpts-I'm trying to do one each month.

    2. Ooh, yay! You go girl! I'm looking forward to reading your other excerpts, and cheering you on! :)


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