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an update (plus doctor who/divergent/catching fire)

-37,880 words overall (this will not be the same in five minutes).
-1,965 words written today (this will not be the same in five minutes).
-Tea. TEA.
-I kind of gave up on Dawnyelle, and now I'm working on a part of book four of my Three Worlds stuff. GUYS I'M STILL ON BOOK ONE. Ugh.
-I watched the 50th of Doctor Who. Oh, OH. Ouch. My feels have been broken, yet again.
-I watched it with my friend. We squealed and fangirled and screamed and octopus-armed (it's...it's an inside joke...) more than we should've. I'm pretty sure two of her younger brothers are scarred for life.
-I need to go write.
-OH AND I READ DIVERGENT. I should've waited until December, though...It killed my word count. Oh well. It was worth it. :)
-And then there's Catching Fire. I haven't seen it yet. Actually, for a couple days, I didn't care too much that I hadn't seen it because I was so obsessed with Divergent. But now? GAH. SOON.
-I really, REALLY need to write.

Bekah Joan


  1. Ah, Divergent... Yup, that'll do it. It just sucks you right in. And the feels. Oh, the feels... Better not get into that.
    Keep up the good work! If you try hard enough, and believe you can do it, you will!! :)

    1. Yes. Oh, yes the feels. I'm waiting for black Friday to try and get Insurgent on sale, and hopefully I'll be able to wait until December to read it...
      And I know I can! I gave myself caffeine! These fingers will be typing for a long, long time!

    2. If you can get your hands on Allegiant too, do it. I don't want to spoil, but just trust me on this one. You'll need it after Insurgent.
      Happy typing, and good luck! :)

    3. Yeah, I already have it. But I didn't get Insurgent because it was so expensive. Actually, out of the three, I think Insurgent is the most expensive.

  2. Divergent is amazing isn't it!!!!!!??????
    So is Catching Fire the movie:) I saw the first showing!

    1. Yes! And I envy you! I want to see it sooooooo baaaaaaaaad! But I really need to write.
      Like, now.


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