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a rather quick update

{via} How I was feeling.

I'm behind.
I have a little more than 15,000 words instead of 20,000. Oh, well. It's only a little less than halfway through the month, right? I still have time to catch up!
And I will. I hope.
I was blocked for a couple days. Surprisingly, my characters are mostly sticking with the original plot (that's a first, I think). But before the next major thing in my plot can happen, a whole bunch of other stuff has to happen, and I didn't really know what that stuff was. I'm not sure if I still do.
But I'm getting there. I got unblocked, and then I got blocked in the middle of the scene. So I did my prompt from the calendar for the eleventh today. I added a quiet gymnast with mismatched knee socks, crazy sweaters and owl necklaces, and bright red hair (like Ariel's).
Yeah, that definitely got the scene going somewhere.
ANYWAY. I'm supposed to be writing. So, bye.

Bekah Joan


  1. Great! You will catch up, just you see :D

  2. Aw, sad to hear that... But you'll be able to catch up! Just follow your own tips ;)
    That's what I've been doing, and I'm right on track.
    Good luck! :)

  3. As I sometimes say to encourage my friend: "Go, go, go, go!!" You'll catch up. ;)

  4. Don't get discourage,you are doing a fantastic job. I didn't check my word count yet,im scared to. I bet whatever you are writing is amazing!


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