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Celebrating Winter | The Cold on My Window

The cold on my window
Turned into a sharp beauty
That will never cease
To put my heart into a state of awe.



Celebrating Winter | "Chasing the Winter Sun" by Adiel Gardner [guest post]

{photos by Adiel}
It's true that I struggle my way through winter. I'd much rather be lying on a warm beach than shoveling my sidewalk for the umpteenth time that week. But even through the inconveniences and spiritual warfare of this season, I can't help seeing the artistry that exists only in winter. There is no other time of year when crystals appear like magic, falling through space to land on our upturned faces. No other season can claim the sharp contrast of colors and shadows that winter boasts. No other months carry the blinding brightness of the sun reflected on untouched white snow.
I admit that right now it's easy to write about winter's beauty. It's been sunny out and the blue sky seems to stretch its arms eagerly toward me as I stand in the frigid air. My breath comes in steamy puffs as my eyes water with the sun's rays bounding exuberantly into them. But when the sun grows weary and tucks herself into cozy blankets of gray clouds, then what? When the bright contrast fades and the world turns monochrome, will I remember the joy of this moment? Will those rays still reflect in my soul?
I capture what I can now as my defense. My shield against the gray. I bathe in the glory of the icy canvas stretched outside my window. I breathe in the beauty and bask in the delight of now. The gray will come, but today the sun shines and so will I.


Celebrating Winter | a near-perfect day

It was one of those days. The morning captured light softly and perfectly. Blue skies let the sun shine brilliantly against the sparkling snow. I went sledding and took a few pictures and just enjoyed the day (which was Tuesday).
It was a lovely day in which some wonderful winter memories were made.
What are some winter memories you've made this winter that you want to cherish?



Celebrating Winter | A Wintry Playlist

Here's a lovely winter playlist for you. (Not Christmas, mind you. Winter. Although some are very close to Christmas.)

Sleeping at Last-Snow
August Burns Red-Flurries
Sarah Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson-Winter Song
Ed Sheeran-Lego House
Sarah McLachlan-Song for a Winter's Night
Sleeping at Last-January White
August Burns Red-Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Enya-Trains and Winter Rains
Chris August-Winter Time
Enya-White is in the Winter Night


Celebrating Winter | "This is Winter" by Jenny [guest post]

Photo credit goes to Jenny.

After the first snowfall,
Everyone is mesmerized.
The snowflakes that gently fall on windowpanes,
Settling down on the ground one by one,
Sighing as they make their mark on the cold, hard earth below us.
That is when people appreciate this season for what it is.
But after a while,
Children toss the snow up and around,
And the snow finds a new home to settle upon.
The snowflakes are greeted by the steel of shovels,
And car tires crunch over the resting specks of white glitter that seem to have a life of their own.
That is when people accept the fact that it's finally here.
These little, whirling white particles are all different,
So unique,
Yet we get used to it.
Snow arrives each year.
It's normal for us.
"What terrible weather it is lately."
That is when we want the grey skies to be over.
It's interesting,
Seeing how we treat this season.
When people are excited about the first snowfall,
The time it's finally here,
And then?
Then we complain about how we couldn't wait for summer to roll around.
This is winter.

Hey, I'm Jenny, a fifteen year old girl who loves writing. Some other things I enjoy doing are photography and tennis. I sing and play the violin. My blog is over at Artsy Peacock.


Celebrating Winter | "Dust of Snow" by Robert Frost

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

p.s. robert frost is cool.


Celebrating Winter | It's actually a lovely thing

It's beautiful.
There's contrast between the white snow and the dark sky and the even darker trees. The nights are crisp. The snow covers everything like God's grace covers me, her, him, and even you. It sparkles with purity and lands softly. Fresh. Water drips from branches, twigs, berries that refuse to let go. It freezes and catches the morning light that glows just like your face the first time you went sledding.
And let's not forget the warm fires, or maybe the sweaters and fuzzy socks. Being closer to another human than usual just trying to stay warm. Hot drinks that you don't want to have in summer. Snow on pine trees. The little things about this cold season that can make it not-so-dreary if you let them.
It's actually a lovely thing.

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