Celebrating Winter | "Chasing the Winter Sun" by Adiel Gardner [guest post]

{photos by Adiel}
It's true that I struggle my way through winter. I'd much rather be lying on a warm beach than shoveling my sidewalk for the umpteenth time that week. But even through the inconveniences and spiritual warfare of this season, I can't help seeing the artistry that exists only in winter. There is no other time of year when crystals appear like magic, falling through space to land on our upturned faces. No other season can claim the sharp contrast of colors and shadows that winter boasts. No other months carry the blinding brightness of the sun reflected on untouched white snow.
I admit that right now it's easy to write about winter's beauty. It's been sunny out and the blue sky seems to stretch its arms eagerly toward me as I stand in the frigid air. My breath comes in steamy puffs as my eyes water with the sun's rays bounding exuberantly into them. But when the sun grows weary and tucks herself into cozy blankets of gray clouds, then what? When the bright contrast fades and the world turns monochrome, will I remember the joy of this moment? Will those rays still reflect in my soul?
I capture what I can now as my defense. My shield against the gray. I bathe in the glory of the icy canvas stretched outside my window. I breathe in the beauty and bask in the delight of now. The gray will come, but today the sun shines and so will I.


  1. Oh, what gorgeous writing and photos! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. You've not merely battled winter, you've captured and subdued it here. What was an enemy trying to harm you has been redeemed.

  3. Oh, this is so lovely. I could really feel and live every word that you wrote! Really magical--great post + pictures xx.

  4. Thank you so much! And thanks to Rebekah for opening up her blog to me!


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