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Celebrating Winter | a near-perfect day

It was one of those days. The morning captured light softly and perfectly. Blue skies let the sun shine brilliantly against the sparkling snow. I went sledding and took a few pictures and just enjoyed the day (which was Tuesday).
It was a lovely day in which some wonderful winter memories were made.
What are some winter memories you've made this winter that you want to cherish?



  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! I love winter ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Winter in my city, the heart of my state, always makes the mornings pink and purple, like bruises on the snow. I've loved watching the sun rise before school in the morning lately.

    For some reason, I'm really enthralled with the egg picture...

    1. That would be beautiful. <3

      You know what? I love it too.


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