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Celebrating Winter | "This is Winter" by Jenny [guest post]

Photo credit goes to Jenny.

After the first snowfall,
Everyone is mesmerized.
The snowflakes that gently fall on windowpanes,
Settling down on the ground one by one,
Sighing as they make their mark on the cold, hard earth below us.
That is when people appreciate this season for what it is.
But after a while,
Children toss the snow up and around,
And the snow finds a new home to settle upon.
The snowflakes are greeted by the steel of shovels,
And car tires crunch over the resting specks of white glitter that seem to have a life of their own.
That is when people accept the fact that it's finally here.
These little, whirling white particles are all different,
So unique,
Yet we get used to it.
Snow arrives each year.
It's normal for us.
"What terrible weather it is lately."
That is when we want the grey skies to be over.
It's interesting,
Seeing how we treat this season.
When people are excited about the first snowfall,
The time it's finally here,
And then?
Then we complain about how we couldn't wait for summer to roll around.
This is winter.

Hey, I'm Jenny, a fifteen year old girl who loves writing. Some other things I enjoy doing are photography and tennis. I sing and play the violin. My blog is over at Artsy Peacock.


  1. I love this guest post! How beautiful. <3 This series just keeps getting better and better. I love everything you've written for it! :)


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