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an excerpt [3]

[From The Dixon Project. Enjoy, sweeties.]
. . . .
     Dara was in the dressing room, pinning her gorgeous hair into a bun. “Hey.”
     “Hi. How’s school?”
     “Fine. Homeschooling?”
     “As boring as ever.” Amber sat down in front of the mirror, next to Dara. “How’s your family?”
     Dara shrugged. “All right. My mom has been a little down lately. I have no idea why my uncle is up here. He’s being really protective.”
     She has no clue. “Weird.” Amber started working on her hair. “Although it has to be nice to finally have someone acting like a father.”
     “Yeah.” Dara shrugged. “I miss him. I wish he was still alive. My mom said I would’ve loved him. So in that sense, it’s nice to have my uncle. But I still like my alone time. He’s like a personal body guard, except he’s splitting his time up between two people.”
     Elias hasn’t tried to contact her yet. Just her mom. Good—he’s waiting on me. But why?
     Dara smiled at her. “Are you doing anything tonight? I wanted to go see a movie, but my uncle doesn’t want me going alone.”
     Because he knows she trusts me. That thought made Amber almost puke. She was lying to Dara, pretending to be her friend. Amber was keeping Dara safe, but she was betraying her at the same time.
     But the thought that came after that made her whole body feel cold.
     He’s watching me.
 . . . .
When I wrote that last sentence, I smiled my evil smile.
Honestly, this scene is probably one of my least-favorite ones from the book, because the dialogue is weak and the whole scene is virtually pointless, except the end. But this post has been sitting around, waiting for December to happen so I could post it. So I must've had some reason when I started making it. Oh, well. What did you think?
Bekah Joan
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  1. Ooh, teenage spies! That is interesting. I like the title, too. Is that the organization they are working for, or something? It sounds like a really good story, and I'd love to read more! :)

    1. Thanks! And yes-the Dixon Project is the organization/school they work for. :)

  2. SOOO AMAZING! You have an amazing Talent at writing


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