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colors of the evening

the smell of revival clings to the air,
and the heartbeat of the earth is beginning its low thrum.
sunlight brushes through the grass,
laughing with the wind as it races to warm the ground—
the ground beneath your running feet,
traveling to the top of a hill
to revel in the colors of the evening
as they sprawl through the sky.



  1. i can't even believe it. life is growing and the dirt is whispering secrets of green and i am amazed. the sun is shining and we are here.

  2. WOW THIS. ♥ i just want to cuddle it it's so beautiful.

    ps I just totally binge-read everything i missed of The Runaway House EEEP.
    pps I SAW A PIN THE OTHER DAY THAT REMINDED ME SO MUCH OF THE RUNAWAY HOUSE AND I LOSSSST ITTT. but if it shows up in my feed again I'll send it to you. XD okay randomness over.


    1. Aw thank you! ^-^

      AAAHHHHH. YAAASSS. Oh! Yes, totally, if you find it again, do send it! I'd love to pin it. :D

  3. Beautiful. Both the photos and the poem -- breathtaking.


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