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Celebrating Winter | an excerpt [13]

A lovely winter scene from The Four Seasons of Dawnyelle (which is my DOOM + Camp NaNo novel. I will finish the next draft of this book in the next two months. And it will be super fantastic).
. . . .
  “C’mon.” I grabbed Austin’s arm and ran through the snow. As I hopped into the sled, Austin groaned.
  “I really don’t want to.”
  “Get in. Now.”
  He rolled his eyes. “Fine. Once.” He got in and we pushed off, gliding through snow that flew into our faces. I laughed, squinting as we were attacked by little white flakes.
  Then came the ice.
  “Dawnyelle Grace Reed!” Austin hollered. “What have you gotten me into?!”
  He gripped my shoulders as we started gaining speed, plenty of ice to go.
  I just laughed. He was adorable terrified.
  We sped over the rest of the ice and snow, Austin swearing and threatening to kill me. I figured the best thing to do would be to ignore him. So I looked up at the sky, mostly grey, with a few spots of blue.
  The pine trees, dusted with snow.
  The other sledders, mostly college students, whooping and hollering.
It was all so beautiful.
  At the bottom of the hill, the choppy snow slowed us down until we stopped. After standing, I helped a very shaky Austin up. Then I grinned at him.
  I was covered in snow, my toes frozen, and I had a long hill to climb up. But Austin was beside me, my friends all around me, and my God above me.   I couldn’t have been more happy.

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  1. beautiful. amazing. superb. excellent. <3

  2. Oh my gosh, they're sooo CUTE. I just get so happy reading this. I love what Dawnyelle says at the end. "....Austin was beside me, my friends all around me, and my God above me. I couldn't have been more happy."

    The whole scene is just rich. So yeah. Good job. ;)

    1. Thankkkk youuuuuu! :) But don't ship them! They aren't a ship! Just really good friends. ^-^

    2. Oh, crud...so sorry! From looking at your Pinterest board, I thought they were together in end. I guess I was wrong. :P

    3. I think that might've been a very brief ending . . . OTHER people get together, though. :)


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