e i g h t e e n

(foggy lens. oh yes.)
it was the best sunrise of the year (so far). and somehow i managed the whole. freaking. day. without thinking about really sad or depressing things. and i was happy. and i breathed. and i enjoyed myself.
the fact that the sky was a beautiful blue and the snow was sparkling also helped. my friends did, too. i had a last-minute birthday party, and because it was so late, i expected most people wouldn't come. but everyone did. and that? well, that made this girl a happy mess. and she felt very loved.
i'm eighteen years old. i've got lots of dreams, most big, but a few small. there's a lot i don't know, but i know that this year my goal is to let God's grace completely swallow me up. and you know what? i am going to fall in love with my life.
because i refusei absolutely refuseto let myself be miserable (for too long. and one of these days, ever).
so here's to a joyful eighteenth year full of love and throwing myself into God's arms.

p.s. the coolest birthday playlist right here.


  1. Happy birthday! Everything around you looks so beautiful.(: Here's to another year of God's awesome grace!

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bekah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

    Maybe this sounds weird, but I'm proud of you. I hope you accomplish all that you dream of. ;)


  3. Happy birthday! This is so beautiful and true. Hope you have a fantastic eighteenth year! :)


    Your pictures were absolutely wonderful. I love your words, too. They are honest and raw. <3

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you had lots of fun on your birthday with loved ones and ones that love you!

    ~Arielle Joy

  6. Happy birthday!!!! 18 is an awesome year! :)

  7. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY GIRL. I'm soo glad you had such a splendid birthday and you felt like a "happy mess" which I think is one of the nicest things to feel when surrounded by the people you love. Hope you have a amazing upcoming year filled with God's love and peace xx.

  8. Happy birthday Bekah!!! ~ Ajax Cochrane


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