Celebrating Winter | "Magic of First Snow" by Lizzy [guest post]

I fall
Twisting with each
Breathless silence

She has let me go*
On my own
Into the foggy world
It's time for me to dance

My brothers and sisters
With me
Turn round and round
Giddy, cold, and free

The Wind whispers
We laugh
Sadness is impossible
We are beautiful

We see the children
Hands outstretched
Welcome, Welcome
They call
It is our time
To create joy

I float down onto
A wee babe's nose
Gurgling with joy
He laughs
It's time for me
To fly again

I am the first snow.

*frozen reference. i couldn't resist (ha).

Heya lovelies! It's Lizzy from A Flyleaf. I'm a senior in high school, in love with Jesus, writing, photography, adventures, coffee, chocolate (!!!), and life in general. Because I stay in good 'ol sunny Singapore, and I've only experienced snow once (when I was eight, about a decade ago wow), I tried my very best to imagine and picture what snow really is like. Which just shows how important your imagination is (of course, imagination of the things in Phil 4:8). It can bring you to a whole new world.

And also, thank you, Bekah for being so, so patient with me as I tried to get my blog/social life up and running again, and for giving me this honour to guest post on your absolutely lovely blog.

Just a final word for all of Bekah's amazing readers: don't ever forget the beauty in the little things. You won't regret it. xxx.

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