an update of sorts

an unedited picture of mugs. yay!
Blog posts haven't been happening as much as I'd like.
Same with reading them. Sorry about that.
I have two more weeks of school left. Possibly one if things get done.
12,818 words in draft four of The Three Worlds, which I officially started on...I don't remember. Like a week ago?
A Doctor Who marathon with this girl last night.
Now I'm so tired, because we stayed up until 2 and got up at 6 to watch more Doctor Who.
So. Freaking. Tired.
SATs on Saturday (the 3rd). Guess who's super stressed about that?
Fangirling. About so many things.
Watched North & South. Wow.
I'm going to go write.
And then sleep.
Because falling asleep in church? Not nice.
Bekah Joan


  1. I like the good Doctor, but staying up until 0200 to watch him? There's enough hours tomorrow to do that. Unless I was going to be executed, then I might. But if I was really, really, going to be executed, I'd probably actually spend my time eating and thinking nasty thoughts about my executioners XD

    1. Bahahahaha >.< Fangirls. We do weird things.

  2. Great post. :) Your occasional wittiness is appreciated by those who read this fabulous blog... ;)
    Tane ♥

  3. Mugs, mugs, mugs. They make me happy. Ohhh my SATs...Eeesh, good luck.

  4. Tagged you for the Libester Award!



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