The Three Worlds

It's the first in a series. The first draft for this was my NaNoWriMo 2012 book, Curious and Crazy.
Then it was unofficially my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel (draft three).
And THEN it was (again, unofficially) my April Camp NaNoWriMo novel (draft four).
When Alexa Harrell discovers fairies in the park near her house, she's fascinated. So when a redheaded boy named Drew offers to show her a different world along with more magic, she accepts with little thought.
Enthralled by the world of Abif, Alexa joins the fight between dark and light with no idea of where it will lead—or if she'll survive. Along with Drew and his friend Josh, they search for a way to break Josh's mother from one of the dark magicians' prisons.
There's magic. There are dragons and fairies and magical creatures. The characters are freaking amazing (in my opinion). I am in love with this story.
Word count as of mid-May 2014 (draft four): 30,000
Read more about it here. Pinterest inspiration board for it over here.

The Four Seasons of Dawnyelle

Dawnyelle. Broken and full of more self-hatred than anyone should have to bear.
Austin. Depressed, lonely, and lost.
They're next door neighbors who haven't talked in years. But when Dawnyelle talks him out of committing suicide (dramatic, eh?) and promises to show him why life is worth it, that all changes.
Soon the two are off on a journey of healing and finding beauty. Together.
If I could describe it in one sentence (because that's what I had to do for the Snowflake Method), it'd be this:
"Two kids, one depressed and the other broken, find healing and beauty in Christ."

But it's so much more than that. So. Much. More. It's about struggling through the ugliness of the swamp to find a breathtaking waterfall. It's about loyalty, grace, letting go of loved ones, and learning to dance in the rain (literally and figuratively). It's...well. I think it's amazing. :P
Word count as of the end of April 2014 (draft two): 3,000
Read more about it here. Pinterest inspiration board for it over here.

The Dixon Project

I started this years ago over Christmas break. When I first wrote about the Dixon Project, I fell in love with writing. Just about every sentence I wrote, though, is awful and needs to be rephrased. Oh. And the plot needs to be totally redone. Scrapped and redone.
What's it about? Teenage spies.
At the Dixon Project Main we have a whole bunch of goofy characters who'll do anything to protect people.
At the other Dixon Project, we've got some more serious-minded characters who'll also do anything to protect people.
They're all spies with their own stories, but I don't want to give anything away. It's special. 
Just know that they're spies (in training, really) who discover that one of their professors is a bad guy. One of the students holds information that people would kill for. And at Dixon Project Main there's a fluffy dog named Zoe.
Word count as of the end of April 2014: the whole story is scattered throughout multiple Microsoft Word documents, but if I add all of that together, aprproximately 200,000 words. (Whoa. That's a lot.)
Read more about it here. Pinterest inspiration board for it over here.

United no More

This was officially my April Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 novel.
Esme, Felix, and James go to one of the Academies of the USA, where harsh punishments are inflicted for even the slightest detail that doesn't fit. They haven't left since they arrived, when they were four years old. But when Esme and James' youngest sister, Adalyn, arrives at the Academy with the rest of the new students, she brings along information of rebellion and hope of seeing their parents again after thirteen years of separation.
Word count as of the end of April 2014: 5,000
Read more about it here. Pinterest inspiration board for it over here.
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