A Few Things

(These are probably my two favorites from North Carolina. Aaaaand some of the only edited ones . . .)
Anyway! Here are a few really cool things that have been going on lately:
I started a Facebook page. Feel free to check me out and like my page! (Or you can just like it in my sidebar. Please appreciate that it's there. It took me over an hour to figure out how to do because coding is confusing.) This is a pretty big step for me. I've wanted to start a Facebook page for a while, but honestly, I was too scared to. I didn't think it was worth it, and I shied away from the responsibility of updating it consistently/having to come up with things to update it with. But I think I'll have plenty to say due to photoshoots + blog/Society6 updates. So. We're going to try this. And I'm pretty excited.
That brings up another thing. If you're looking for a photographer, I'm your girl. Feel free to check out my photography prices over here. This is yet another exciting thing for me because I'm beginning to step into my freelance writing/photography career (yup. i'm graduated. nope. not going to college), and I must say, I'm oh so very excited.
On another note, I started an Instagram. Like, a while ago. I just never actually really told you guys. So. You can find me right here, or you can just find me as @rebekah.joan.
I also finally made a blog button! So if anyone wants to do a button swap with me, feel free to email me at rjlbookse@gmail.com. And please tell me below what you guys think of it! I'm trying to decide if it fits with who I am/what my blog is . . . So input would be appreciated!
Oh, and I changed my blog design (obviously).
So. Lots of exciting things are going on over here, and they're all exciting me. (I think that's everything. So, so many cool things are happening, and it makes me happy.)
Okayokayokay. One last thing. Listen to this song.



  1. These are some exciting updates:) Those photos are amazing and I like the song <3


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