DIY // Fabric-Covered Clothespins

Wow, I think the last time I did a DIY post on this blog was . . . never? It's about time for that to change, though! My mom is super-crafty and talented and creates swoon-worthy cards + other products. I saw her making these adorable fabric-covered clothespins and fell in love. So I tried making some myself, and while they aren't nearly as good as hers, they're pretty cute! So here's how to make them!

What you need:
-fabric tape (or washi tape. I didn't try that, but I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work!)
So first, peel back the paper from the fabric tape. Be gentle! Try using your fingernail. The adhesive keeps it from fraying fairly well, but be careful that you don't mess up the fabric.
Carefully stick the fabric tape onto the clothespin. Make sure it lines up with both edges.
Put it on straight all the way down the clothespin. (Tip: Put the access fabric tape on the side of the clothespin where the metal spring thing won't be in the way of your scissors when you cut the fabric away.
Aaand cut the tape off! Be careful to not cut too much off. (Tip: use really good scissors. I tried using mine, but I had trouble cutting it, so I stole my mom's.)
Cut the access off the side, and voila! You have super-adorable fabric-covered clothespins!
Suggested uses:
-Put some magnets on the back and use them as cute magnets for your fridge!
-Give them away as gifts.
-Hang photos with them like so.

Have fun with this! It's super easy, and the result is cute + pretty! They make adorable gifts and decorations, so why not be creative today?



  1. eeee, these are adorable and so, SO pinterest-y hehe <3
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Hehe, that was the goal! :D You're so welcome! <3<3

  2. This is the cutest little tutorial EVAH. I can't wait to do this myself. :)

    1. Thank youuu! :) I really hope you do! It's so. much. fun. <3


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