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Poetry Kind of Night

Tonight is a poetry kind of night.
Not the rhyming kind or the balanced kind—
the free kind.

Tonight is a lonely kind of night.
The kind that can only be healed
by writing it out and letting God
fill the holes in my poor, beating heart.

Tonight is a sharp kind of night,
shattered windows and emotions as high as
the mama bird right outside my bedroom can fly.

Tonight is a frantic kind of night.
Like me pulling on my nightshirt backwards
because I was lost in the excitement of
words, words, words—
Like telling my mom, “Hold on, I need to write this poem.”
And once she saw the desperate look in my eyes and heard the strain in my voice,
she left in a rush.

Maybe tonight is the night. The one that has etched in purple pen,

Hey. I think I’m back.”


  1. This is beautiful. And I relate so well to that desperate need to write a poem. You've captured that feeling perfectly.

    Serena | poetree

  2. Yes yes yes to all of this. This is so lovely and so true and i love it.


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