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learning how to fly

I'm off to camp. Well, camp training. This is my second summer working there, and my first as a counselor-in-training. I'm nervous and scared and excited and a bit frazzled because the whole packing process makes me even more nervous.
I think I'm going to forget something.
Anyway, this is my first real job where I actually get paid, and it's all "official" and stuff. It's quite intimidating. I'm venturing out of my little world into one that's filled with kids. Lots of kids (and the staff, who range from teenagers to adults. But a lot of us act like kids sometimes, including myself). I'm leaving my world of precious stories that I make up, and stepping into life. You know, where there are actual stories with actual places and real people. Pretty scary, huh? I'm going out to represent Jesus to a lot of people who, one day, could change the world. I'll make mistakes. Lots and lots of them. But it's also not in my control. God will do whatever He wants, and I'm just here to make sure the kids don't eat glue or make a mess of the cabins.
Before I do that, though, I have to go to training, where I learn the correct way to tell the kids to not eat the glue or accidentally kill whoever has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I'm learning how to fly. I will fall many times, but I'm not going to stop trying until you all see me soaring in the sky.
(Back to reality, without all the poetic mushy-gushiness.)
Before I go to training, I have to mow the grass, finish packing, and go to my best friend's graduation party, which starts in a half-hour.
So, in other words,
(Oh, and the whole reason for this post was to let you know that I'm done blogging until camp is over, which is mid-July. I won't be home except for on weekends, and unless I get a burst of energy, you won't hear from me on this blog for a little over a month.)

Bekah Joan


  1. Have a lovely summer "spreading your wings!"


  2. oh! I found your blog through your comment on my guest post on Storyteller's blog! :)
    I saw that you're an INFJ. My sister is too! I know one other INFJ for sure, and one or two other people I think might be an INFJ. :D I'm an ISFP, myself. Cool blog! :D




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