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{via Pinterest}

Listen here.
Lean back on the swing,
Your hands gripping the ropes.
Close your beautiful eyes,
Feel the breeze caress your cheeks,
Your hair falling to the ground.

Let your mind wander.
Let it loose.
Imagine all your dreams—
All of them coming true,
Flooding from your heart
To your upside-down head.

Swing to and fro,
The sweet air embracing you,
Autumn leaves drifting with you.
Let go, eager to fly,
And soar through the air,
Without wings to keep you up.

Land, your feet on the ground,
Just like a cat.
Watch the swing sway, lonely.
Slowly, it comes to a standstill,
Transforming into the background
Of lifeless, tranquil peace.

Bekah Joan

p.s. it has been a veryveryvery long time since i've posted poetry on here. i've only just gotten to the point where i'm not sick of it anymore. (remember april?) earlier today, i realized i haven't posted any writing or poetry on here since june. JUNE. and that made me very sad, so i came up with a poem for you. be happy. :)


  1. "Flooding from your heart to your upside down head" - I love this imagery! And the music is perfect!

  2. Wow... That's beautiful. It totally makes me feel like I'm on a swing, just going back and forth with the wind blowing on my face. Great job. ;)

  3. Wow, this poem describes the feelings of swinging. Did you write the poem, and take the picture? It looks like a beautiful place to swing with the wind blowing through your hair, thoughts tossed through the air. :-D

    1. Thanks, Grace! I did write the poem, but I didn't take the picture. I just forgot to say so. :p I should probably edit that...


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