author's quest {a tag}

The lovely Grace M from Fictionally. tagged me. Thank you! :)
I'm going to use my story about Earth, Abif, and Monosaccre for this. You can read more about it here.

1. There you are in the middle of writing one of your favorite stories. Suddenly, a portal materializes in front of you, and a note is tossed through. You read it and discover that it is a plea of aid from one of your favorite characters--you know, the comic relief one. You leap through the portal (Danger? Who cares about danger?) and meet your character! Your reaction? (Explain who this character is first.)
I suppose my comic relief character is this guy named Nicholas. He's a forty-year-old dude who still acts like a kid, even though he's Alexa and Drew's trainer. But he's awesome. So, I'd probably hug him or something.

2. Wow. Things really are a disaster. The story is taking a life of its own. Worst of all, your awesome hero/heroine has fallen in love with the completely wrong character. How do you convince them that your match is really the best person for them?
Rewrite the story. :p Either that or say HEY! You don't want that dude, Alexa...he's not who you think he is. He may seem nice now, but just wait until I finish writing the story. Just stick with the guy I have for you and it'll all be good. Okay? Good.

3. Oops. You just got captured by the villain. But you can handle this, right? After all, you created their nefarious mind. What's your plan? Do you exploit his weakness or do you take advantage of your knowledge of his lair to escape?

Hmm. The "main" villain, you could say, is a girl named Raven. She's very impatient. She also probably wouldn't feel the need to guard me, considering I'm just some scrawny teenage girl who "apparently" knows nothing about her. So I'd get out of their, using my knowledge of her huge palace to get out.

4. Unfortunately, your awesome hero/heroine just go captured too...and they're wounded. Rats. You can't just leave them now can you? And they're feeling pretty discouraged. What would you say to encourage them?
Alexa got captured? Yeah, I can see that happening. She's a klutz. Wounded? Yeah, I could see that happening too. She's not exactly very cooperative. What would I SAY? SERIOUSLY? I'D BE MAKING SURE SHE'S NOT DYING. And then I guess I'd say something along the lines of, "Hey, if worse comes to worst, I can always write us out of this."

5. Great job. You just practically promised your character a happy ending. But can you guarantee it? You're in the story now, and you might never have written your hero into such peril. But wait a second...you are the author! So what if the story isn't going how you thought? Make a new happy ending! Do you single-handily  rescue your hero or do the other heroes come and save the day?

The other heroes come and save the day. No matter how much I'd like to have fun adventures with Alexa, her relationships with the others need some work. This is a great opportunity for that. So I'll let them save the day. (Even though it's really me doing it, considering I'M the one writing about it.)

6. Whohoo! You're free! And things are shaping up. Maybe not the way you had written it, but hey, perhaps you got a new perspective on the story! Now...sniffle, sniffle...you have to say good-bye to your characters. Do you hug them good-bye? Give them something to remember you by? Give an inspirational speech, telling what you love about them and what hopes you have for their future?
I think I'd hug them all, cry a bit, and tell them I love them. I absolutely WOULD NOT tell them what happens in the future. That spoils it for them!

Now for the big question. Who do I tag? (This part is always so hard...)
Anna over at Hero
Kathy over at Chatty Kathy

Bekah Joan


  1. I did not think about not telling my characters their future... I would also hug my characters, and I'd probably at least have tears in my eyes when saying goodbye.

    1. It's so sad that we have to say goodbye at all. :(


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