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slowly, this book will get written

40,000 words, guys. That's how far I've come in this whole novel thing.
The first thought that went through my head: I can't believe I've made it this far.
The second thought that came less than a split-second later: That's it?
So here I am with forty thousand words, seventy-six pages (font: Times New Roman, size: 11, spacing: 1.15), three worlds, and two emotionally-broken characters. Also, a dragon, some snow, a portal (okay, okay, a lot of portals), and a hospital. How do all of these things relate to each other? Well, it's a long story.

This is my fourth book.
Well, my third.
No, my fourth.
*Deep breath.*
It all started out as a NaNoWriMo novel. And I finished it. But then I scrapped all of it except the first couple chapters and started over again. So now I'm trying to finish it. Again. And then I'm going to have to go back to the beginning and change that, because it starts out in an awful way and it needs to be changed.
So it's the second version of my third book.
I'm calling it my fourth.
What's it about?
Good question. Let me try (try) to explain.

There are three worlds. Earth, Abif, and Monosaccre (yes, for any of you super-smart people out there who remember your Biology, I got that from "monosaccharide").

(Oh, hey. Random rabbit trail. Spell-check thinks that "monosaccharide" should be "Saccharomcyes," which is, according to Google, a genus in kingdom Fungi.)
ANYWAY! There are three worlds. The two that you've never heard of—Abif and Monosaccre—are magical. So, like, magic exists in them. And people can perform magic, and there are dragons (like the dragon Elimelech. You could say he's pictured above) and unicorns and all that awesome stuff.
And then there are the two main characters: Drew and Alexa (the emotionally-broken ones). They were brought to Abif by some awesome magicians, not because they needed Drew and Alexa's help, but because Drew and Alexa needed them. They just hadn't realized it yet (but they have now). Anyway, they agree to join the magical form of a government (although it's more of a police force. But it's a government too. But it's not. You know what? I'll figure this out later. I hope you get the idea). Then there's training, and then there's a war (which I have yet to write about.)
And now I'm just going to stop. I don't want to give any more of the plot away at the moment, even though I've given away just about nothing. But I need to stop because I'm rambling and I have no idea if this makes any sense and I'm SUPPOSED to be studying for my Biology exam that's due tomorrow. So I'm not even going to edit this and fix the awful grammar that I know is hiding in here. Please, just excuse this whole post. I'll fix it up AFTER this exam is DONE. (When I do finish it, by the way, it means I'm officially done with school.)

Bekah Joan

p.s. i'm begging you, forgive the overuse of parentheses in this post. (please.)


  1. WOW!! 'Tis all I can say... I am writing a "novel" but I'm afraid it won't be long enough to be a novel. *cough* I'm only at 12,000 and so words! I can't believe you got 40,000! That is so awesome. I'm not done with mine yet. My goal was 30,000, but when I started writing, I realized that was much harder than I thought. How go those writers do it, when they end up with 400 page books, lol!

  2. Aw, don't worry about a small word count! It gets bigger and bigger the more you edit and come up with random scenes. :) It just takes lots and lots of practice. And remember: sometimes a short story can have more meaning than a 400 page book. It all depends on the author. <3


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