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the pennsylvania state capitol building

"There may be room there for such a holy experiment.
For the nations want a precedent.
And my God will make it the seed of a nation.
That an example may be set up to the nations
That we may do the thing that is truly wise and just."
-William Penn

The quote at the top by William Penn (the founder of PA) is written across the walls of the main room, going all the way around the room. The whole building is awesome and magnificent, and cost a lot of money to build. Touring it was amazing. Most of the pictures from the House and the Senate and the Supreme Court were too dark, but I got a couple up there.
And the paintings. Oh my goodness the paintings. They're huge, and they were created with so much talent. They were amazing.
I don't remember the details of the tour, but I do recall that the chandeliers weigh tons (like, literally, tons). Apparently all of the gold is real gold. The quote by William Penn that you can see in some of the pictures is made out of teeny tiny tiles all put together. Amazing, right? There was some kind of stone from Ireland, and a lot of the desks are made out of mahogany (yes, I remembered that because of The Hunger Games).
The whole place is huge, and I felt very small inside. Still, though, it was amazing.

Bekah Joan

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