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may (part two)


So, in my last post, I said that I wanted this to be a good month. I did not, however, tell you how I would make it that way, because I was in the middle of packing for a weekend working at camp. I was tired and my mind was basically like this: afdkghrsdjfoohisgnjlukshrejskfd.
So, here are a few ways on how I'm planning to get the most out of May as possible.
  • Write and take pictures. A lot. These two things are my absolute favorite hobbies (plus I want to be a writer when I grow up). People have often complimented me on my so-called skill in both of these areas. But they have no idea how far away I am from getting anywhere near to being a "good" writer/photographer. So, this month, I'm going to practice both and take the advice I find.
  • Finish this school year well. Lately, I've been slacking when it comes to school. Especially in science. I finished my language arts subjects a long time ago. My math is going well. I've got a little less than a week left in that (hooray!). But I have about three more weeks left in science, and it hasn't been going well. For the majority of the school year, I haven't really cared about it, but I still did well. Now? I just want to burn the stupid textbook and be done with it. I got my worst grade (which wasn't that bad) on my last test. Any motivation to read the module or study for the tests is gone. Absolutely gone. But somehow I'm going to have to force myself to get it done.
  • Do lots of yard work. Yeah. Crazy, right? Who wants to do work?!? Well, apparently, me. Yard work is, while I'm doing it, a pain in the butt. When I'm done, though, I have one of the most satisfying feelings, because I just made my home look a whole lot nicer.
  • Get out of the house as much as possible. I love the outdoors. Enough said.

Bekah Joan

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  1. Aye! We have plenty of yard work here if you run out! ;D


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