the morning stretched

It was one of those late mornings because I didn't feel like getting up early (that's been happening a lot lately, but who wants to wake up to a math textbook?). I guess the sun was feeling that way too, because I still got to capture some of that glorious morning light just before it slipped away.
And the morning stretched and stretched and s t r e t c h e d until it was noon and then afternoon until eventually a whole day had passed. But that morning had been captured. In my camera. Stretching, waking up, shaking off the grogginess of nighttime.
That's photography for you. Absolutely, beautifully amazing.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Photography is beautifully amazing.
    And these photos are wonderful, Rebekah♥

  2. You know you live in a really pretty place and are pretty good at capturing it on camera, right? That lake, gosh...

    Hm, thinking of the morning as stretching... That's photography for you.

    1. Thank you, Liz. Yes, the pond is beautiful. :)
      Gotta love photography. It's one of the coolest art forms, really. (That is, in a photographers opinion. :P )

  3. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! These photos are gorgeous, and your words are gorgeous as well!


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