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to write love on her arms

Last night, I went to a local college and got to see some of the people behind To Write Love on Her Arms speak and tell their stories (and, of course, hers).
Hearing Eric sing and Jamie speak watered the ever-growing sapling that I call my heart. Their words gently reminded me that even when life hurts, love is still out there.
It's in my favorite faces. It's in becoming someone's favorite face. It's pressing on even when your friends stab you and kick you and leave you barely able to move, quivering on the floor, bleeding out. It's loving the broken, even when you are broken. It's throwing yourself into God's arms. It's following your dreams, even though everyone else thinks you're crazy, because that's what God has told you to do. It's seeing beautiful in the everyday. It's living in community with other people—the ones who won't stab you and kick you and leave you. It's saying, "hey, how are you?" and getting a truthful answer back. It's walking, hand and hand, through the good parts of life and carrying each other through the bad parts.
It's remembering that your story is beautiful and worth living for because of love.



  1. Wow, this is such a powerful post! I love everything you write :)

    arushee | unadorned gifts

  2. Rebekah, that was a powerful and beautiful and gorgeously written post, and thank you, because I needed that and loved that.

  3. Such a great post. Thanks!
    See me at www.myblue-stripedumbrella.blogspot.com


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