It all started because my pastor gave me a $25 gift card to Amazon for my graduation.
I finally decided to use that gift card today. So I stuck some cool books in my cart (yay)! But I had ten dollars left (also yay!). And I didn't know what to buy.
After pondering for quite some time WHAT I should buy, I remembered To Write Love on Her Arms. Remember when I saw them last November and it was amazingamazingamazing? Well, those beautiful people made a movie. And once I remembered that, I flipped out and added it to my cart. And then I was set. (Except the tax was fifty-something cents over. Sorry, mom.)
But back to the point. Because of remembering TWLOHA, I went over to their blog. And I saw Jessica Morris's most recent post title: "Beautiful. Loved. Enough."
I've been fairly down lately, and a little depressed and super stressed out. And just seeing that post title brightened my day a bit. My soul just . . . relaxed. I remembered that even when I don't love myself, God does, and he always thinks I have a beautiful purpose. While I was reading the post, I began to accept myself again, to remember that even when I'm feeling meh and I'm stuck in a muddy rut and I really, honestly don't feel like getting up, I have a reason to.
And I think I'm beginning to breathe again.

p.s. thanks, pastor.


  1. yay for gift cards from pastors and awesome truths! ^_^ I know you can get better! <3

  2. You can do this!!! You go, girl!! :)


  3. praise God for awesome pastors, huh? :D

    also, i'll be praying for you! i get this feeling that you have sometimes and it sucks. but i feel that i drives me to go back to Christ which is a beautiful thing <3 xx

    1. Haha, yeah!
      Thanks, Elisabeth. :) Yeah, it does, but when you manage to find your way back on track, it is pretty cool, isn't it? <3


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