Let's do something this autumn.

Autumn is for curling up with blankets and tea and good books. Autumn is for staying inside and cuddling. It's for writing novels in November and watching Netflix when it's cold.

Or . . . This year, autumn could be about doing things. I know a lot of those who follow my blog would much rather introvert and stay home. But . . . Autumn has some fun things to offer.

-Try doing a cornmaze. There are a few in my area every year. Get some friends together and then be prepared to get lost!

-Head out to a fall festival for the day. You might have to travel some for this one. We Pennsylvanians have the Applefest every year.

-Go adventuring and photograph your experience. Hiking, bikingwhatever floats your boat!

-Find a really good place to watch sunrises, and get up to watch one. Bundle up! It'll be chilly.

-Check out the local theater in your town. You might be surprised by how many shows there are.

-Explore local museums. Whether they're art or history, see what hidden treasures your town has.

-Check out Eventbrite for more local ideas. Who knows what you'll find? It could be anything from a Zombie walk to a handmade cosmetics party.

Don't spend all of your autumn huddled up inside. Maybe, just maybe, instead of spending more money on books (which is totally, 100% okay), try spending it on something else. Something that's worthy to be written about.

How about, for once, you get to be the main character.


  1. WOOO. I adore these ideas. I already have some fun things planned. And hey, I even have time picked out to just stay home and READ. Both of which are totally okay! <3 Loved this post, Rebekah. :)

  2. Thanks, boo. :) And yes, I totally agree!

  3. Fall photoshoots are THE BESSSST. <3333 also the leaves are just gorgeous and cuddling inside sounds lovely to me. :) I NEED TO DO MORE READING THIS FALL. AND OMG!! NANOWRIMO. YES. IT'S COMING TOO QUICKLY. *scrambles to prepare self*


    1. YAASSSS! I need to read more as well. I'm so excited for NaNo!!


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