"my thoughts are stars i can't fathom into constellations."

I made it! Do you all like?
When I showed this piece to my dad and asked him if he liked it, he gave me a funny look. I'd explained a bit about the character who said this—Augustus Waters.
"So, he's confused?" my dad said.
"Yeah. But he says it in a really nice way, doesn't he?"
But then after some thought, I realized Augustus wasn't confused. The quote was written in his letter to Van Houten. He'd been talking about Hazel and how she was a grenade, so she tried to stay away from people. She didn't want to hurt anyone. Augustus, on the other hand, wanted to be someone. He wanted to be remembered.
But he also saw Hazel's selflessness and realized how right she was. That's when he says this, I believe.
"My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations."
"I know, but I don't believe."
He knew Hazel was right, but he still wanted to be someone. And that took over him.
Or, who knows. Maybe he was just confused.
Bekah Joan
this quote is from the fault in our stars by john green. lovely, terrible, beautiful, sad book.


  1. Ooo, I love it! And now I really want to try to read The Fault in Our Stars again, but I read one chapter and didn't like the language...sooo...does it get better the more you read? xD

    1. I don't remember the language being too bad, but it's still there. And there also is one sex scene, but it's short and doesn't go into detail (thank goodness). If you're uncomfortable with it, I'd suggest having one of your parents read it first or wait a few years to read it. I know I wouldn't have liked it if I would have read it when I was fourteen. I guess I changed. Wow, that's weird. O.o

    2. Oh, lovely! I will...have to think about that. :P

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful. Like, I'm dying over here from the feels.

    amazing post.

    just amazing.

    xx Mackenzie

  3. I saw your piece on Pinterest! I like it very much. And the book. Oh, the feels, and the hurt, and the beauty... John Green killed me yet again with his masterpiece.

    1. Thanks! Yes, yes, yesssss the feels and the hurt and the beauty. </3 But I can't stop reading his books.

  4. ASDFGHJKL WHY AUGUSTUS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT! Thank John Green for ruining my life...
    I just love that quote

    1. Aughhhhhhhhhhh yes he ruined my life too. >.< Yet I'm still planning on reading the rest of his books...

  5. I really want to read the fault in our stars now...everyone around me loves it! Lovely artwork, Bekah!!
    Tane ♥

    1. It's a m a z i n g. But really sad, too. </3
      Thank you!


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