Oh, Hey. I'm Seventeen.

This morning, the Great Outside greeted me with pure white snow and wind and a grey sky. I greeted it by turning off my alarm and sleeping in for another forty-five minutes. When I woke up again, my first thoughts were something along the lines of, It's my seventeenth birthday. Yippee. I don't care.
When I finally got up, I did some homework and then my dad and I got donuts for breakfast. The defrosters in his truck weren't working, so for part of the way back we had the windows rolled down. I embraced the cold and stared at the white and grey and dreary streets as we passed by.
When we got home, we ate our delicious donuts with Scottish tea in fancy teacups (pictured above) with some half-wilted grapes. It was all quite delicious and wonderful.
Then I opened presents. I got The Amazing Story Generator from my younger sister, a Snitch (think Harry Potter) necklace from my older sister, and a ring and a pair of bird earrings and a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings from my parents. Mrs. G (it's also her youngest's birthday today) gave me a ship necklace with a very lovely card (although that was yesterday).
Then I had science class, which was eh, because do you really want to do Chemistry on your birthday? I thought so.
I'm supposed to be in the car right now, on the way to Kentucky to go to the Creation Museum. But there's just so much snow so we decided to go in the spring. I was planning on reading The Great Gatsby all day while we'd be driving, but I haven't even picked it up yet. There were donuts. Then school. And I also took a few pictures that I absolutely detest. Oh, well. Another try shall happen when I feel like picking up the camera again.
And so far, that's been my seventeenth birthday. Maybe I'll do another post about it later, but right now I don't feel like talking about how I feel or what my goals are for my seventeenth year or blahblahblahblahblah. It's just not the day.

Bekah Joan
oh. i forgot to mention. google wished me a happy birthday, which was touching and odd and a bit creepy.


  1. Happy birthday! And going to the Creation Museum in the spring- wow, that's gonna be post-worthy!

    1. Yes! Probably multiple-posts worthy!

    2. Just older. Maybe a *bit* wiser. I mean, a whole year has passed since I turned sixteen, and I must have gained some kind of wisdom (hopefully) in that year.

  2. Happy Birthday Bekah! I hope you have/had a wonderful day! :)

  3. Happy birthday, Bekah! :)
    Have a wonderful day (or whatever is left of it anyway).
    Sorry to hear you had to do chemistry on your birthday... Blerch. You most definitely need to reward yourself with a good book and a cup of tea, tonight. Or some good music. Or whatever else. Happy birthday again! :)

    1. Thank youuuuu! And yes, I think books and tea and music are all wonderful ideas. (:

  4. Happy Birthday!! Wow, seventeen sounds so old, good grief... xD Hope you had a wonderful birthday and WILL have an amazing year. ;)

    I hope you had a wonderful 17th birthday darling!
    And I hope you've been having an amazing 17 years of life.
    *virtual hug* Happy birthday sweetie.


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