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september, spies, madness, poetry, camping, and an award.

here's a random picture of hot chocolate because it's September.

WARNING: this post is really, really random and unorganized. ;)
-It's September. Like, September sixteenth. When did that happen?
-And the last Gallagher Girls book comes out tomorrow. *Sobs.* You all should seriously watch the book trailer for it over here.
-Also, my mother started a blog about her crazy crafting skills, life, family, etc. It's pretty cool, even though we're still kind of working on the design...But still! It's cool. Check it out over here.
-Over at Figment, I published all of those poems I wrote in April. Guess what it's called? April. (Well, really April [A Collection of Poetry], but whatever.)
-We went camping. (Yes, again.) It was fun. I wrote a lot more than I normally do on our trips, and took a teeny-tiny amount of pictures. I must admit, I'm all right with this. 
-Grace M. over at Fictionally. awarded me for the Liebster Award. (Thank you, my dear. <3)
So, here goes.

There are a few rules to be followed upon accepting this award and they include:
- Link back the blogger that tagged you.
- Nominate ten others and answer the questions of the one who tagged you.
- Ask ten questions for the bloggers you nominate.
- Let your nominees know of their awards and tag backs.

Here are Grace's questions:
1. If you could visit any book/movie world, what would it be? Can it be one of my own? Just kidding. :) Probably...hmm...uh, this is hard. THERE ARE TOO MANY. I guess I'll go with Amara from Donita K. Paul's DragonKeeper Series.
2. Favorite genre(historical, contemporary, fantasy...) ?Action/adventure. <3
3. Do like to buy books or borrow them from the library? Buy. They MUST be mine.
4. If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Oh, dear. Another hard question. Seeing my parents' wedding would be pretty cool.
5. When it comes to snack food, do your prefer salty or sweet? Sweet. Definitely.
6. Where is one place you would like to visit? London, England.
7. Book store or online shopping for books? Book store.
8. Do covers influence you to read/not read, some books? Unfortunately (but sometimes fortunately), yes...
9.  Which do you prefer, series or stand alone books? Series. There's more time to get to know the characters and see friendships/personalities develop.
10. If you had to get rid of one of your favorite books from your book shelf, which one would it be? Are. You. Serious. No. I CAN'T (unless it's a school book. In that case, my Algebra 2 book would be gone in an instant!). But if I was forced to, probably a kid book that I'm only holding onto because...well...I don't know.

My Ten Questions:
1. Who are your top five favorite literary characters?
2. If you were at a dance/ball thingy, and Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston asked you to dance, who would you say yes to? (You can only dance one more time.)
3. Would you rather read in a quiet coffee shop, outside (with nice weather), or inside your home?
4. Real books or ebooks?
5. Do you like, love, not care about, or detest poetry?
6. If you had the chance to travel forward in time, would you take it?
7. What's your favorite song?
8. Do you prefer rainy days or sun-filled days?
9. Do you have a blog that you look to for inspiration/encouragement? If so, what is it?
10. (Yes, I stole this one from Grace.) Do covers influence you to read/not read, some books?

And I nominate...anyone who wants to. Have fun with it! I did. :)
Bekah Joan


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