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That number. That glorious, wonderful, amazing, crazy number.
Gee. I don't even know how to write this post, except to blurt it all out and hope it makes sense.
See, I finished it. I finished the first-slash-third (explained here) draft of the Three Worlds Series. 63,079 words. I believe I teared up three times when writing this dang thing. Once quite awhile ago, twice today.
I've been so close to the end of this novel for I don't know how long, but I haven't been able to find time to write it between school, the three homeschool co-ops we're doing, and writing another novel for school.
But, finally, I decided that I was going to finish this book, and I was going to finish it today. This is my last free weekend for a while, and I decided I was going to spend it how I wanted to. So I did. I wrote and wrote and wrote.
Clara, one of my characters. via

I'm not sure I like the ending. I mean, I like the last line. I personally think it's amazing. But I feel like it's kind of weak. After Alexa and Drew (the two main characters) come back from Abif (one of the three worlds, where the majority of the book takes place), there's a short scene between them, and then a short scene with Alexa's family.
My Novel in a Year teacher has said a few times that the resolution is supposed to be short. Two chapters at the most, I think she said. So I tried to keep it short. But Alexa went through so much emotional pain, and even though I had her realize that eventually she'd be okay, I guess it ended on a rather sad note. In fact, I feel like the last few chapters are a little on the dark side, because...well, they're fighting darkness.
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This, of course, is probably just my emotions going wild, because the author is so much closer to the story than the readers will ever be. So, for me, the ending is dark, sad, miserable, and...I don't know. But there's one happy scene. One very, very happy scene. And it should make everything better. But I feel like it doesn't.
Of course, it's only the first-slash-third draft. It's not perfect yet. So my inner editor is screaming, too.
But I think that once this book is finished, it's going to be pretty cool. Splendid.
I just have to edit it a bazillion times first.
Bekah Joan


  1. Way to go, Bekah! Congrats on finishing it. The whole "not having enough time" is understandable, so it's awesome that you got to finish the first draft. :-D

  2. AH!! Congratulations! So you have to edit it two more times? Or three? Or none... I'm confused. xD

    Anyway. Just from what I've seen so far, I think it'll be awesome. I hope mine turns out that good. :)

    1. Oh, I have to edit it quite a few more times. And then, if I want to get it published, turn it in to an editor (I think), and edit it more and more and MORE! The first-slash-third draft thing is just that this is the third draft of the story, but it's also the first, because when I started writing the third draft, I redid much of the plot. So...it's kid of like a first draft.

    2. Okay, I (think) I understand now. xD

      With me, (I'm the picky little perfectionist around here) I edit and redit each chapter as I go. Or else, I can't go on to the next chapter if I think there was something wrong with the last one. xD

  3. You go! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! I *totally* understand what you're feeling. On the one hand, you're walking on the clouds and in the other you already have a big red marker you are circling all the bits that need to be revised. Enjoy that high, Bekah. Somedays it's the only reason I sit down at the computer at all :)

    1. Yes, yes! Exactly! I shall definitely enjoy the high, Gabby! Thanks for commenting! :)


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