the story of arthur and rosemary

We recently helped my grandfather move into a smaller apartment than the one he was in before. He had a whole bunch of notepads that he didn't need any more, so I was allowed to keep them. The other day, I was using one, and a few pages slipped out from the back. I didn't get to read them until this morning. The two pages, penciled in my grandfather's wobbly cursive, were full of the blooming love story of my grandparents. They were young and full of life and in high school. And, having not heard my grandparents story before, I find it to be quite adorable. So, read on.
(And listen to their song right here.)
(No, this isn't my grandparents, and I obviously didn't take it, but it fits. It just does. (via Tumblr.)

"I, Arthur, met Rosemary Ruth in April of 1945 at a dance held at the downtown YMCA every Saturday night. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend. She loved to dance, and was very good at it.  The things about her that attracted me to her was her personality and the devilish (impish) look in her eyes when she was teasing or kidding around. I believe it was the following Saturday that I asked if I could walk her home, and she said yes. We started dating after that. She was still dating two other fellows from time to time, but within six months we started going steady. I took her to the East prom and Lawrence Park prom in 1946. I attended her graduation in February of 1946, and she attended mine in May of 1946.
Since it was April when we met, we adopted the song "I'll Remember April" as our favorite song.
After graduation, I worked at the GE plant and Rosemary worked at the Sears store. On the nights they were open until 9 o'clock P.M., I would go up town to walk her home to her house.
Usually after a Saturday date, when we got to her house, Grandma Clara would have a platter of sweet rolls waiting for us. After dating for a long period of time, Rosemary and I went to Abbatte Jewlery Store and she picked out her engagement ring, although she did not know when she would receive it. I gave it to her on New Year's Eve, 12-31-1947 at a party.
We were married on August 5th, 1948 and went to Washington D.C. for our honeymoon.
Rosemary and I had a one room apartment until I was called into the army in August of 1950. Then Rosemary moved back home. When I was sent to school at Fort Benning, Georgia, Rosemary came there and for 3 months we lived in an apartment in Phenix City, Alabama.
Upon discharge from the Army we rented an apartment for about three years. Then we moved to Wesleyville and lived there until late 1957 when we bought another house. We lived there until we sold it and purchased another house from my father in 1958."

Bekah Joan
p.s. i have a surprise coming very, very soon. i think some of you dear writers out there will enjoy it.


  1. Awww... I love this so much. That's my kind of love story. Lovely romance. :)

    Oo, surprise for the writers? EEEEEEHHH! :P

    1. Amen, amen. And yes, a wonderful (in my slightly biased opinion) surprise for writers. :)


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