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neglected songs

[i was looking through a playlist of mine that i haven't listened to in a long time. i had been sick of the songs. then, today, i played them and fell in love with the beautiful songs all over again.]

a few favorites:
seventeen-mat kearney
the violet hour-the civil wars
fireflies-ron pope
castle on a cloud-les miserables
lovely-twenty one pilots
i wouldn't mind-he is we
hallelujah-kate voegele
light up the sky-yellowcard
song for you-jenny & tyler
it's time-imagine dragons
i am yours-jason mraz
the lucky one-taylor swift

whole playlist here.

Bekah Joan


  1. I listen to songs over and over again too (and I'm starting to get sick of some them :)

    1. Yesssssss! It makes me sad because they're such good songs, and I start to dislike them. But I don't want to not listen to them because they're so *good.* ;)

    2. Yes, I'm really bad to do that with Alabama and Josh Turner- I'll put them on repeat for hours. I don't get tired of them, but I guess other members of the family do....

  2. There are so many beautiful songs out there and most of them are not even appreciated


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