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30,000 words in this baby's fourth draft.
*Happy dances.*
The problem? There was a slight mix-up when I was outlining with the word count/chapters, so the first disaster hasn't happened yet (oops). But it's coming very soon. Just a few thousand words late. But that's okay. I can fix it. Later.
Actually, I'm a bit behind. I wanted to be closer to forty thousand by now, but I'm not. Part of that is school's problem, but guess what? I'm doneeee! Well. Minus history. But that's just a bit of reading that I can handle.
Now that my math is done, I can start writing in the mornings. It seems that I'm the most mentally active in the mornings, so that's when I was doing my math. Before my family was up, I'd get it done, and then eat breakfast once everyone was ready.
Now I get up and write, write, write! My daily word count has gone up, which is superawesome.
And I need to get back to writing.
But I wanted to give you guys a word count/school update. But it's time to go now. And write. Because writing is awesome.

Bekah Joan


  1. That is brilliant, Bekah =) Yay! *high-fiving*

  2. That's awesome!
    You're lucky to be finished with math... I still have a full month and a half of it :/.
    I find mornings are prime writing time for me. I wake up just before sunrise on weekdays, and it's great to write. No noise in the house, a brand new attitude, a fresh outlook on things... The beautiful weather also helps! :)
    Congrats on 30K, and good luck with the rest! :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I have to agree. It's the best time ever.

  3. Yaaaay! That's awesome! *gives high-five*

    So, are you completely rewriting, or writing again, the story a second, third, fourth time, to edit and revise it? Sorry, I'm confused. And I wanted to know how you go about it because I'M ABOUT TO FINISH MY OWN NOVEL. xD

    I messed up a tad bit with my word counts, too. I wrote too much here and too little there. But, as you said, that can be fixed later. :P

    Funny, I write best in the evenings (obviously). In the morning, I can barely crank out "The fat cat sat in the hat." xD

    1. Yes, to edit and revise. (: I'm actually taking out most of the third draft, so the fourth draft is quite different. And congratulations on almost being done!
      Honestly, revising for me is
      1) checking grammar/typos
      2) making sure that characters are doing what someone with their personality would do
      3) getting rid of unnecessary characters/lines (this is painful)
      4) making sure every scene, character, line, word, conversation, etc. is there for a reason (examples: characterization, plot development, setting development, explanations)
      5) making sure that my plot lines up with the Three Act Structure/the Hero's Journey.
      And evenings, huh? I get the feeling that's the way a lot of people are. But evenings are when *I* can barely crank out "The fat cat sat in the hat."

  4. yayyyy that's great!! haha I can hear your happiness throughout the entire post (:
    rainbows and dreams

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