Celebrating Winter | Peppermint Sugar Scrub

This scrub. Guys, this scrub. One of my friends gave it to me as a gift a while back, and oooooooh my goodness. It makes your hands feel so smooth. Just . . . it's amazing.
The recipe is from The Frugal Girls, right here.
This is a really simple recipe. Just three (or four) ingredients, not a lot to do, but you get some amazingness out of it.

1/2 cup coconut oil
1 cup sugar
10 drops peppermint essential oil
Red food coloring (optional)

1. Microwave 1/2 cup coconut oil until melted (approx. 45 seconds)
2. Pour coconut oil and sugar into a small mixing bowl and mix well.
3. Add peppermint oil and mix well again.
4. (Optional) Separate the scrub so half is in one bowl, and half is in another bowl. Add food coloring (one drop is enough) to one bowl and mix well again. When you pour it into your storage containers, you can do layers of pink and white.
5. Pour into jars (personally, I think the more shallow the jar, the better.

The scrub will be runny until it cools down. Coconut oil is like butter in the sense that when it's hot, it melts, but it will solidify when it cools.

How to use:
Use around a teaspoon and wash your hands with it, as if the scrub was soap. Dry well with a towel.



  1. What an awesome DIY! I'll definitely try it out-- it sounds heavenly.

  2. This is perfect!!! My mom loves scrubs, so I will make this for her!!! For once I actually have all the ingredients. Btw I love your profile pic :)

  3. Oh, this looks amazing! Wonderful post. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. It's peppermint and makes your hands clean. Yup. Gonna make this and probably end up blogging about it too. XD

    1. Wellllll, I wouldn't say it makes your hands clean, but it makes them feel amazing! :)


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