Celebrating Winter | some christmas poems

"i bet He danced"

i bet He danced.
at weddings, celebrations—
with His mother, His sisters,
probably mary and martha, too.

i bet He laughed.
at the jokes, or when He was little
and joseph tickled Him—
or just for the joy of laughing.

i bet He sang.
someone as beautiful
as the Son of God would've
sung His praises loudly.

i bet He watched.
watched as the world He
came to save accepted Him,
but then refused Him.

i bet He gazed at the stars.
every one a person, a beautiful person.
all of our names, so, so precious,
glittering in the sky for Him.

and when He was on that cross,
oh, i bet He looked up, because He knew.
He knew that soon, so soon,
He'll be reunited with His stars.

and we'll shine brightly and beautifully,

"He saves us all"

as the bright moon sets slowly
beyond the far off mountains,
a star shines brightly.
snowflakes gently swirl,
trees sway in the wind,
and the angels sing.

a royal Prince, born to die,
is welcomed by the angels
who sing their praises.
shepherds humbly bow
before their mighty King.
oh, beautiful night!

bethlehem, oh little town,
follow the star up above,
and find your new King.
he’s sleeping soundly,
laying in a manger,
dreaming of His task.

a hard and difficult life
of assisting His Father
save this broken world.
dying for our sins,
to rise after three days,
from the depths of hell.

praise the mighty King of kings!
He’s saved us from Satan’s hands.
He has persevered.
oh, wonderful day!
praise Him in everything,
for He saves us all.

Merry Christmas, everybody. 



  1. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas to you as well, Jeanne!

  2. Oh, what beautiful poems! ♥
    Merry Christmas
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. These are fantastic poems! That's sort of the kind of things I aspire to write. :) Late Merry Christmas, blessings!

  4. Awww, I love your poems! They're simply beautiful and guess what I am having goosebumps right now. So lovely. I really love reading poems, that's why I collect some of my favorite short Christmas poems and read them on holidays for the cheerful feeling. Thanks for sharing yours.


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